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T-shirts for men from HOM

T-shirts for the HOM brand man. Good fit and excellent quality. Wide choice of T-shirts for men. Multiple models and colours. Order online.

T-shirts for men from HOM

You can find T-shirts that have a good fit, sit comfortably and also look good in the underwear brand HOM. The French brand HOM has been active in underwear since 1968 and is always able to come up with surprising and innovative underwear for men. HOM T-shirts can not only be worn under a sweater or shirt, but the HOM T-shirt can also be worn easily as nightwear. In addition, there are also T-shirts in the collection that you can wear as outer clothing. The most beautiful T-shirts are from HOM.

Wide choice of T-shirts

You don't choose a T-shirt just like that. In the webshop you will find an extensive range of T-shirts from HOM, which we have specially selected for you. HOM stands for quality and creativity, and this is clearly reflected in the designs. The T-shirts also have a good fit without pinching. This way you always feel good in a HOM T-shirt. Do you intend to wear the T-shirt underneath outerwear? Pay attention to the model. A T-shirt with V-neck is certainly suitable underneath a blouse with an open collar or under a jumper with V-neck. Wear a white T-shirt under white colored clothes. Black is often enticing. You have plenty of choice.

Best quality T-shirts for you

Don't you know you can't choose from the wide range of HOM T-shirts? There is a suitable T-shirt for every man. The tight-fitting T-shirts of elastane quality can be worn at any time. You will find this V-neck T-shirt in the colours white, grey and black. If you suffer from excessive sweating, choose a T-shirt made of cotton. This absorbs the moisture perfectly. This is especially nice to keep outer clothing dry and fresh. Do you already know which T-shirt suits you best? Discover all the models and colours in our webshop.