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Shirts of HOM

Shirts of the brand HOM. Order the most beautiful shirt in white or black. Excellent quality and fit. Fashion for men, that is the brand HOM.

Shirts of HOM

Are you already familiar with the HOM brand? This men's fashion brand offers everything you can expect from underwear. Because underwear has to sit well. And because you want to feel good. HOM knows how to achieve this time and again. That is why you also choose HOM. The choice of underwear is big, and with the shirts you can make excellent combinations. For example, you can buy a complete set of underwear or opt for loose shirts. Whatever you choose, quality and a beautiful design are guaranteed at HOM. The modern man is doing this.

Excellent fit

You can wear a shirt under your sweater or blouse, but can also be worn separately. For example at home, as a night fashion or when you want to relax. Because at home you feel good and you can move around freely. Walking around in underwear at home is a daily expense for you. And when you leave, you know that your shirt is comfortable to wear. Even when you wear outer clothing that is less comfortable. Your HOM shirt will never let you down. The excellent fit ensures that the shirt not only sits comfortably but also doesn't pinch anywhere. It is not noticeable underneath outer clothing, even if you wear a little tighter outer clothing. HOM thinks of everything.

Choose the shirt that suits you

Your favourite underwear shirt comes from the French fashion brand HOM. Because HOM knows exactly what you are looking for in fashion. Well fitting, nice and comfortable and especially beautiful. Because you can also be seen in your underwear. This gives you a good feeling. So choose your favourite shirt in our webshop. Sleeveless or with sleeves, with v-neck or round collar. All shirts are available in bright white or sturdy black. Do you wear light or translucent outer clothing? Then choose white. Expand your wardrobe and choose both colours. That way, you will always come up well. Check out all the shirts in the webshop.