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Beautiful underwear for men

HOM underwear for men. Exciting thongs, comfortable briefs or male boxer shorts. Choose the underwear that suits you. HOM for men online ordering.
HOM For Him Micro Briefs Black
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Beautiful underwear for men

Those who choose quality and design automatically opt for HOM. This French fashion brand for men knows exactly what the modern and contemporary man wants. Underwear must be in good condition, but you also want to feel good in it. Know that you may be seen. HOM devotes all its attention to this. In the HOM collection you will find the most beautiful underwear for men. Underwear in different models and colours. Because everyone is unique. This way you can make your personal choice in our webshop. Especially for you, we have selected the most beautiful underwear for you.

Briefs and thongs

Every man is different and you prefer to wear underwear that suits you well. It should not only sit comfortably, it may also accentuate your figure. You therefore opt for a brief or thong. Do you already know the difference? A brief covers both your front and the buttock. In the case of a thong, the fabric on the back is replaced by a thin strip of fabric, so that the buttock remains free. The strip of fabric disappears between the buttocks. Sometimes getting used to it, but in a thong you feel as confident as in a brief. Choose from a variety of colours including white, black, blue, red, grey or other colours.

Boxer shorts for everyone

HOM has boxer shorts with and without fly. Unique to HOM is the horizontal fly. Very different from what you would expect and yet practical. The boxer shorts connect well to your body so you can wear tighter trousers over the boxer shorts. Here you can also choose from different colours. The flesh-coloured boxer shorts are ideal when wearing translucent trousers. Choose a colored waistband or one in the same color as the boxer shorts themselves. You may be there, your underwear may be seen. Discover all models of underwear in our webshop and experience the quality of HOM underwear yourself.