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HOM thongs for men

Order a thong from HOM online. Choose the best quality thongs for men. Different models and colours available. Fine fit and comfort.

HOM thongs for men

For some people, wearing a thong takes some getting used to while others don't like anything. A thong is narrower at the back and the fabric slides through the buttocks. This makes the buttocks stand out well. Ideal for those who wear tight or skinny jeans or pants, but also for those who want to feel good. Because the thong for men is suitable for every man who wants to feel good. Whatever clothing you wear here. With the thong you cover the genital part of the genital area and let your shapes stand out beautifully. The men's fashion brand HOM has the most beautiful thongs in the collection. Especially for you.

The most beautiful thongs

You want to look good or feel good. A thong is different from a normal brief. More than 20 percent of the men regularly wear a thong. These are the men who know what they want. And that's what you should be doing. The thong is becoming increasingly popular and the brand HOM therefore always develops the best quality thongs for men. Because men do not only have to sit comfortably underwear. You may also be seen in this regard. Then you also choose HOM. In our webshop you will find the most beautiful models of thongs and different colours.

Which thong do you choose?

Discover the many models in our webshop. The HOM Fredy G-thong has a wider plane at the top of the buttocks. Only halfway through, the fabric disappears between the buttocks. For those who like it more and still want to look attractive. Choose a white thong when wearing light pants. Or because you like it. A black thong can be mysterious while a coloured thong challenges. The HOM plume G-thong has a very narrow waistband. For the man who wants to show just a little bit more. Surprise your partner or experience for yourself how pleasant a thong is. Because you are worth it.