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By, 30 march 2022

Famous brands versus quality

Every year, a lot of money is spent on outerwear. Underwear seems to be a forgotten factor. Research shows that turnover in underwear is 9% higher than in children's clothing. This shows that every year a lot of money is spent on underwear. It is mainly women who spend a lot of money on it, both for themselves and for their partners. Women are generally price-conscious, men look more at the quality of underwear.

Choose a well-known brand or unbranded?

When buying underwear, you have two options: branded underwear or unbranded. Certain brands have distinguished themselves from the outset. Think of Calvin Klein or Bjorn Borg. Other brands also know how to distinguish themselves. Certain brands are sold in the same shops as cheaply priced underwear. The difference in quality is in the brand. For many men it remains the question what to choose in the end.

The disadvantages of unbranded underwear

Unbranded underwear is available almost everywhere. Department stores, clothing shops and even supermarkets sell this kind of underwear. The big advantage of this is that it can be purchased cheaply. Ideal for those who do not want to spend too much and regularly need new underwear. However, it is often the case that this type of underwear breaks down quickly. Seams can become loose and holes appear more quickly. Pants of a well-known or good brand do not have these problems. Often the underwear remains beautiful even after years of use. That makes the man more self-assured. Because walking around in broken or faded underwear does not contribute to a high self-esteem. After all, you never know what situation you might find yourself in.

The best known brands in the world of men's underwear

We mentioned famous brands like Calvin Klein and Bjorn Borg earlier. A brand like HOM knows how to set the tone more and more. Mens underwear that is a combination of quality, challenge and functionality. These are exactly the factors that the modern man values. If you choose a well-known brand, you may pay a bit more than for unbranded underwear, but in the end it is the cheapest option. The bigger brands are especially known for their quality and appearance. This shows why well-known brands are an investment for the future. Would you also prefer to choose a good brand? Go to

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