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By, 30 march 2022

Male seduction with the modern thong

The history of underwear goes back more than 5,000 years. The thong originated in South Africa, where it was first worn centuries ago. The name tanga, the African word for a garment similar to the modern thong, is still used for underwear. But when did the tanga really become popular?

Brazil in the 70s

The thong had already been a popular item of clothing for exotic dancers, but the ordinary citizen discovered it in the 70s. South Africa, and especially Brazil, set the trend. Underwear was no longer just functional but had become part of fashion. For women, the thong had long been accepted as normal, for men this was especially the case in the 90s.

Uncomfortable or comfortable?

For some, this underwear is comfortable, while others just can't get used to it. Wearing a thong is a bit different, especially if you have never worn one before. The back of the underwear consists of a thin strip of fabric, sometimes no more than a string. This can feel awkward and even unpleasant at first. However, it seems that this feeling disappears after a certain period of time. It is, as with many things, a matter of getting used to it.

Careful when washing

It is a fact that socks often get lost during washing. A thong is perhaps even easier to lose. This piece of underwear is so small that it easily gets caught or slipped. It is therefore recommended to collect thongs in a special laundry bag. This laundry bag is lined with mesh to ensure that the underwear is kept clean during the wash cycle.

Advantages of the thong

In the past, the thong was mainly worn by exotic dancers and strippers. Nowadays, men of different ages and backgrounds wear them. With the disappearance of shame and taboo, there is a wide choice in thongs. Not only in models like the G-string and the C-string, but also in the most diverse colours. Especially black and red prove to be immensely popular when it comes to that little bit of attraction.

The thong makes wearing tight clothes more comfortable. Underwear is not visible and the buttocks come out better. It is often worn under hipsters to make them stick out a bit. The thong is mainly seen as a seductive and challenging piece of underwear. And it should stay that way, considering the beautiful modern models. Want to experience how beautiful a thong can be? View all men's thongs on

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