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By, 30 march 2022

Men's underwear trends 2022

There is too little talk about men's underwear. Beautiful underwear not only makes the man self-confident, but his partner has an opinion on this too. Everything is subject to fashion, and in the field of underwear, too, we see a regular shift. Here are the trends for 2022.

Long underwear is back

Long underwear used to be worn for its warmth. Short underwear became popular after the Second World War. Men's underwear had to be comfortable. In the 1960s, long underwear was definitively replaced by men's briefs and boxer shorts. In recent years, we have seen the return of long underwear. Not only as warm underwear during the cold winter days, but also as a fashionable item.

Practical underwear

The functionality of underwear is increasingly being looked at. Boxer shorts or men's briefs should be comfortable in all situations. No pinching waistband or pants that pull askew. The trend is towards functional and solid underwear. If this also has a nice appearance, then this is definitely preferable. That is why men are increasingly choosing high-quality underwear. Well-known brands respond well to this trend and produce underwear that lasts for years.

White and basic

After the Second World War, coloured underwear became extremely popular. Not much later, pants appeared with the most diverse prints and motifs. Thanks to the influence of famous stars like Justin Bieber, white is the latest trend. It looks fresh and sexy.

Loose in boxer shorts

Over a third of all men sleep without pyjamas and prefer to do so in just their pants. Comfortable underwear is preferred. Most men opt for loose-fitting boxer shorts. They don't pinch or shift. There are also other advantages to wearing boxer shorts at night. It is always advised to keep the ambient temperature in the bedroom as low as possible. By wearing only underwear, the body temperature does not rise too much. This ensures a better night's sleep. Moreover, the man who sleeps in boxer shorts is never faced with surprises when he has to get out of bed at night. Naked sleeping is therefore declining in popularity.

Age is not a factor

Underwear used to be age-related. People over 60 didn't like to walk around in a thong and boxer shorts were mainly intended for young people. Nowadays, there has been a major shift. Men of all ages wear what they feel most comfortable in. The traditional briefs are worn by both young and old. This also applies to all other forms of men's underwear. The brief is the most modern piece of underwear for men. Choose the latest trends and check out men's underwear at


  • By DaninMCI, 30 march 2022

    This post is a bit old but the trends are dictated by the design trends and what is offered. For some strange reason briefs and especially thongs and bikini underwear for men have all but disappeared from retail stores. I prefe...

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