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By, 30 march 2022

Washing of underwear

At how many degrees should underwear be washed and what do you need to consider regarding the different colours? In the past, underwear was always washed at boiling point. This is a washing temperature of 90 degrees. With modern washing machines and detergents, it is no longer necessary to wash all underwear at this high temperature. It can even be bad. It can shorten the life of underwear. The underwear may fray or have holes in it.

The right temperature to wash underwear

Always look at the label of the underwear. This will show you the recommended washing temperature. The manufacturer of underwear knows exactly at what temperature the fabric can be washed. Washing at higher temperatures may cause the underwear to break down faster, become faded or lose its shape. Underwear contains a lot of bacteria. These bacteria are only killed at a washing temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. Washing at 60 degrees prevents bacteria from multiplying. A wash temperature of 40 degrees makes clothes clean and fresh, but bacteria can still remain.

What is the best temperature?

The facts above contradict each other. So what is the best washing temperature? We advise you to follow the instructions on the label. If your pants have a strange smell after washing, it is advisable to run the washing machine with an empty drum at the highest temperature. This is called a maintenance wash. This kills bacteria in the washing machine. If the underwear still has a strange smell after the next wash, it is advisable to wash it once at 60 to 90 degrees. Please note that this can shorten the life of underwear. Therefore, do not use this method as much as possible. Incidentally, good or well-known brand underwear is more resistant than cheap underwear.

Wash brightly coloured underwear separately

It often happens that white underwear comes out of the washing machine with a pink colour. To avoid this, it is recommended that you wash coloured garments separately. Make a distinction between dark-coloured and light-coloured laundry. To keep white really sparkling white, these garments should definitely be washed separately. Use a separate white washing detergent. Quality underwear that can take a beating? Check it out at

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